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     At we make and distribute several different styles of hook knives to many different industries throughout the world. They are, but are not limited to, Skydiving, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Prison Guards, Police, Fire, Rescue, EMS and First Aid.
     The idea of the hook knife is based around the idea for an inexpensive yet very functional safety knife. In the following sections to the left you will be able to view more information regarding these hook knives in their respective fields.
     Skydivers for many years have used hook knives as a safety device while parachuting. The hook knife can be used in a variety of circumstances. The hook knife is ideal in high stress situations where parachute nylon, parachute suspension line, or parachute risers need to be quickly cut away without cutting yourself.
     Fire fighters, Rescue workers, and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) all have practical uses for the hook knife. In many emergency situations it is necessary to quickly remove the clothing of a victim in order to be able to treat them, without the fear of accidentally cutting them. A hook knife will achieve this.
     Police officers and Prison Guards can both make effective uses of hook knives. In both professions there is always a concern of anyone apprehended somehow obtaining an enforcer's weapon and using it against them. Due to it's hook shape and non-exposed blades, the hook knife would be very difficult to be used as a weapon against the officer or guard.

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